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WE ARE FRICKIN' NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!!11!!!111!!!!1eleve1!!!ntyone!!!!!

Update #2: Sorry, but I still haven't really gotten over the fact that, for the first time in my life, my team is the best in the entire country. That we are National Champions. So, while we will talk about the Memphis game shortly, then proceed to wrap up both the 2007 football season (incredibly delayed) and the 2007-08 basketball season. Then, we will start looking ahead to the future and all of the promise it provides, especially on the girdiron. But for now, just watch that YouTube a couple more times. You can't get sick of it...I promise.

That shot, and the picture that is immediately preceding these National Championship-driven words, is the greatest shot in Kansas history.

Mario Chalmers is now, officially, my most favoritest of players in any sport of all time. And he will stay that way for awhile.

You, Jayhawk fan, are a Frickin' National Champion!


Update: I could watch this shot on an endless loop forever...

(YouTube changed to show more before and after 'The Shot'. Because yes, it has already been christened 'The Shot'. Or Mario's Miracle, if you take SI's side. Either way, we are National Champions.