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Chalmers Declares, Doesn't Sign With Agent

I'm really sorry about the lack of activity around here, I have been swamped in the weeks since our glorious National Championships.

And, unfortunately, it won't be getting much better in the next couple of weeks.

For the next three-or-so weeks, it will be tough to find time, at all, to blog. I will try to do it as often as possible, but it might have to wait until mid-Mayish. After that, though, this blog will be crazy-busy. I promise.

Now, on to the real reason I'm posting. Mario Chalmers declared for the 2008 NBA Draft, but chose not to sign an agent. And while it seems weird now that he actually did declare, ever since his shot fell through the hoop (well, let's say a couple of days following that shot, giving me time to recover) I figured that he would be at least declaring for the NBA Draft. I still wouldn't be surprised if he comes back to school for another year, and with this weekend being semi-free will probably talk about it, but if he is guaranteed to be a first round pick, no way he comes back.

Really, it comes down to one, simple fact. If some team at the bottom of the Draft guarantees him to be drafted in the first round, at some point, I bet he stays in the Draft. If no such guarantee is made, and it looks more and more likely that he will drop into the second round, I hope (and think) that he will come back to school for another year and try and get into the first round next season.

I stick by my original with-Mario-without-Mario predictions. A Mario Chalmers-led 2008-09 Kansas basketball team has a chance to win an NCAA title (albeit a small chance), but a Kansas team without Chalmers probably has the Elite Eight as its ceiling.

Please, Mario, come back.