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Big-12 Baseball RPI Update

Given the excitement surrounding the basketball national championship I didn't get around to updating the baseball RPI rankings last week so this update will reflect two weeks of action.

Despite only holding an 8-7 conference record OSU has impressed the computer plenty. The Pokes move to the top of conference, RPI wise. Nebraska falls from six to thirteen and come in right behind Oklahoma State. Texas A&M hasn't lost a game in forever and they continue to rise in the rankings. The Longhorns treaded water over the last two weeks. I find is surprising the RPI still favors them over Missouri. This update reflects not only the Tigers demolition of Texas this weekend, but also their poor showing at Texas Tech, hence the sharp decline in their ranking. Baylor is fading. The Bears are in danger of missing the NCAA tournament at this point. Quite a come-down from their lofty pre-season expectations. Oklahoma and Texas Tech are coming apart. K-State holds steady, while Kansas takes a step forward based on their sweep of Tech this weekend. If I were to pick two of the lower ranked teams to go on a late season run I would go with the two Kansas schools. Both have underachieved this season based on roster talent.

weeks ago
12 Oklahoma State 23-10 8-7 18
13 Nebraska 24-6-1 11-3-1 6
26 Texas A&M 30-6 12-3 38
28 Texas 23-12 8-7 29
36 Missouri 24-9 7-5 18
47 Baylor 21-13 8-7 34
56 Oklahoma 22-13-1 3-8-1 45
64 Texas Tech 17-19 4-11 52
71 Kansas State 16-18 3-9 75
132 Kansas 19-16 4-8 150

Tracking KU's out of conference opponents - Wins over Missouri State (73), LeMoyne (147), Dartmouth (152), Xavier (154), Iowa (169), Northwestern (191), UMBC (257), CCSU (251), two over Chicago State (291) and three over NDSU (223). Loses to Wichita State (27), Arkansas (38), Vanderbilt (40), Illinois (101) and Ohio State (130). Lost a series 3-2 at Hawaii-Hilo (234).