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Bill Self Chooses Tradition and History over Money

It actually wasn't that simple, but that is what it seems like Bill Self was choosing between. And it isn't like he is living off peanuts here at Kansas; he just received a five-year extension before the season even started, and to keep him at KU, there will be some added years and dollars to his contract.

Still, it is very comforting to know that our National Championship-winning Coach will be sticking it out here in Lawrence. And if he rejects his hometown team, where he and his wife both went to school, coupled with a fairly substantial raise, he just might be staying the Head Coach in Lawrence for awhile. Like, forever, until the NBA comes calling. Hopefully, at least.

More on the implications and such of this signing, along with all of the other stuff I mentioned, begins tomorrow, but for now here is one more YouTube to commemorate Mario's awesomeness. This is my favorite.

(Hat Tip: Kansas Football - Its Business Time)