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Open Game Thread : Game #31 : #6 Kansas (27-3) @ Texas A&M (22-8)

A big game for the Jayhawks, to prove they can win in hostile road environments and strengthen their case for a #1 seed, but an even bigger one for the bubble-bound Texas A&M Aggies. A home win against the Jayhawks would probably clinch an NCAA bid for Turgeon's club, with a loss forcing a win or two in Kansas City next week.

Sorry for the complete inactivity this week, I finally got my computer back Thursday and have been catching up with other stuff before turning attention to this blog.

Following today's game, we will go way back in my memory bank and discuss the awesome KU-K State game first, then the KU-Texas Tech demolition, then the Aggie game. And starting on Sunday, we begin looking ahead to March Madness and all that it entails, so yea.