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We're Baaaaaaaaaaack!

Guess who's back? (back, back)
Back again ('gain, 'gain)
KU's back (back, back)
Tell a friend (friend, friend)

Sorry for no open thread, nothing on the K-State game yet and nothing on the Texas Tech game before tonight's dominating demolition. Both of my family's laptops broke within two days of each other, imagine the luck, and I have been forced to improvise.

Needless to say, the Kansas basketball team is hitting its stride for the second season in a row, eerily similar timing to Florida's light-switch-turned-on of the last two seasons. Of course, like Self says, it is silly at best to compare us to the twice-defending-champions, they've proven it and we, well, haven't, but it at least shines even more light on us as we have finally emerged from the tunnel. This tunnel was merely a shadow for almost any program in the country, but for the Kansases and UCLAs and Dukes of the world, a 4-3 stretch is all too unforgivable.

Much more on the game as soon as the computers are fixed, but until then just celebrate 50+ point victories in conference play. Oh, and this same Tech team beat Texas just two, short days ago.

Right now, again, we can beat anybody in the country.

Bring it on, world.