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Baseball: Monday Big-12 RPI Update

Quite a bit of movement in the Big-12 RPI rankings this week. Nebraska, on the strength of it's series win in Austin, moves up seven notches to number six. Missouri pays the penalty for its three losses and falls ten spots to #18. Oklahoma State slids a bit, while Texas actually climbs from 35 to 29 despite losing two of three to the visiting Huskers. I guess that is quite the compliment offered to the Nebraskans. Baylor, surprisingly, holds steady while Texas A&M makes a big move. The Aggies climb 24 spots all the way up to #38 after sweeping Kansas in Lawrence. Oklahoma climbs eleven notches and Texas Tech jumps 18. Tech took two of three from Missouri this weekend and split a good home series with UC Riverside. Good week for the Red Raiders. Kansas State rode its series victory over Oklahoma State to an improvement of 18 slots. The only Big-12 school that really suffered this week was the Jayhawks. Kansas was swept at home by Texas A&M. Even the two Jayhawk wins this week actually hurt their RPI rankings, so low is Chicago State regarded.

6 Nebraska 20-4-1 7-1-1 13
18 Missouri 20-5 4-2 8
24 OSU 18-8 4-5 18
29 Texas 18-8 5-4 35
34 Baylor 16-9 3-6 32
38 Texas A&M 21-6 6-3 62
45 Oklahoma 20-8-1 2-3-1 56
52 Texas Tech 14-12 4-5 70
75 Kansas State 13-12 2-4 93
150 Kansas 16-12 1-5 121

Tracking KU's out of conference opponents - Wins over Missouri State (70), LeMoyne (146), Iowa (192), Northwestern (212), Xavier (218), Dartmouth (156), UMBC (271), CCSU (277), two over Chicago State (285) and three over NDSU (175). Loses to Vanderbilt (27), Arkansas (53), Ohio State (145) and Illinois (129). Lost a series 3-2 at Hawaii-Hilo (234).

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