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Big-12 Baseball RPI update

By going 4-2 this week in Florida Kansas basically treaded water RPI wise. Their four victories all came against teams in the bottom half of the rankings, and their two losses came against teams with similar rankings to their own, so the week did more to solidify their ranking than change it. KU needs to improve its ranking considerably if it is going to have any chance of winning an at-large invite.

Big-12 wise, the only big shakeup came with Oklahoma State dropping from first to third, with Missouri and Nebraska both moving up. The Tigers and the Huskers are white hot right now. Missouri swept a home series vs. Baylor in convincing fashion, while Nebraska nearly swept a home series vs. Oklahoma. Nebraska won the first two games. The third game ended in a rare tie. On Sunday all games must be completed by 5PM in order to students to get back to their campuses for Monday classes. The final OU-NU game was called after ten innings with the two teams tied 9-9.

8 Missouri 18-2 3-0 12
13 Nebraksa 16-3-1 5-0-1 18
18 OSU 15-6 3-3 9
32 Baylor 13-7 2-4 31
35 Texas 16-6 4-2 46
56 Oklahoma 17-7-1 0-2-1 47
62 Texas A&M 17-6 3-3 61
70 Texas Tech 11-10 2-4 78
93 Kansas State 10-11 0-3 83
121 Kansas 14-9 1-2 126

Tracking KU's out of conference opponents - Wins over Missouri State (45), LeMoyne (141), Iowa (147), Northwestern (173), Xavier (203), Dartmouth (220), UMBC (271), CCSU (284), and three over NDSU (191). Loses to Vanderbilt (42), Arkansas (50), Ohio State (123) and Illinois (146). Lost a series 3-2 at Hawaii-Hilo (199).

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