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NCAA Tournament Predictions

So, I was ready to go to bed on my favorite Eve of the year, the Eve of the NCAA Tournament.

And then I remembered that I had neglected to put up my bracket here, on the RCT airwaves. So here is my bracket, posted very hastily although I have done quite a bit of research. So, here we go:

UNC over Mount Saint Mary's
Indiana over Arkansas
Notre Dame over George Mason
Wazzu over Winthrop
Oklahoma over St. Joe's
Louisville over Boise State
South Alabama over Butler
Tennessee over American

UNC over Indiana
Notre Dame over Wazzu
Louisville over Oklahoma
Tennessee over South Alabama

UNC over Notre Dame
Louisville over Tennessee

Louisville over UNC

Kansas over Portland State
Kent State over UNLV
Clemson over Villanova
Vanderbilt over Siena
USC over K-State
Wisconsin over Cal State Fullerton
Davidson over Gonzaga
Georgetown over UMBC

Kansas over Kent State
Clemson over Vanderbilt
USC over Wisconsin
Georgetown over Davidson

Kansas over Clemson
USC over Georgetown

Kansas over USC

Memphis over Texas-Arlington
Mississippi State over Oregon
Temple over Michigan State
Pittsburgh over Oral Roberts
Marquette over Kentucky
Stanford over Cornell
St. Mary's over Miami (FL)
Texas over Austin Peay

Memphis over Mississippi State
Pittsburgh over Temple
Stanford over Marquette
Texas over St. Mary's

Pittsburgh over Memphis
Texas over Stanford

Texas over Pittsburgh

UCLA over Mississippi Valley State
BYU over Texas A&M
Drake over Western Kentucky
UCONN over San Diego
Purdue over Baylor
Xavier over Georgia
Arizona over West Virginia
Duke over Belmont

UCONN over Drake
Xavier over Purdue
Arizona over Duke

Xavier over Arizona

UCLA over Xavier

Final Four
Kansas over Louisville
UCLA over Texas

Kansas over UCLA

That is pretty much a terrible formatting job, but I am tired and just want to go to bed. So, there. I'm ready to be perfect and win a million dollars.