Post Your Big 12 Tournament Picks!

Time for everyone to show off just how much (little?) they know about Big 12 Mens Hoops! Post your picks here. The bracket (seed in parenthesis):

(8) Texas Tech vs. (9) Oklahoma State --> Winner plays (1) Texas
(5) Baylor vs. (12) Colorado --> Winner plays (4) Oklahoma
(7) Nebraska vs. (10) Missouri --> Winner plays (2) Kansas
(6) Texas A&M vs. (11) Iowa State --> Winner plays (3) Kansas State

BONUS: What seed will Kansas end up in the Big Dance?

My Picks:

OSU over TT
BU over CU
MU over NU
ATM over ISU

UT over OSU
BU over OU (hard to beat a team three times in one season)
KU over MU BIG
KSU over ATM (only because it's in KC)

UT over BU
KU over KSU

KU over UT

KU gets the screw job, ends up the 2 seed out West