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Open Game Thread : Game #24 : Baylor (17-4) @ #4 Kansas (22-1)

Sorry for the inactivity the end of this week, I was busy, but should be fine the rest of the weekend.

This game is a crucial game to both the Bears and our Jayhawks, but for very different reasons. We need not only a win, but a good showing, especially by our guards, to fully re-establish our dominance that flowed so often the first 20 games. But since the disastrous end to The Streak in Manhattan, we have been unable to become more than a semblance of the team we were before then, instead playing the worst basketball we have played all season.

For the Bears, a trip to Allen Field House represents a chance to clinch a spot in the Field of 65, a marquee win to tack on to their already good-looking resume. If they lose, their chances don't decrease. As long as they don't collapse down the stretch, they will be Dancin'. But a win would clinch a bid, and would increase seeding substantially.

This is your Open Thread for tonight's game, the last game between the huge Big Monday showdown with the Longhorns Monday night.

Prediction --> Kansas 83 Baylor 77

We better come to play tonight.