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Signing Day Goes As Planned

The first Wednesday of February, year after year, is one of heartbreak and joy for college football fans country wide. It is National Signing Day for all high school football players, a chance to finally commit to a school with some weight behind it, months of verbals done with.

College coaches work year-round in order to get teenagers to choose their school over others, and often months of work are washed away with the simple swat of a hat, a hat with your school's logo on it. All of a sudden, the recruit you "had to have" has chosen another school over yours, inducing heartbreak to both the coaching staff and the fan base.

Kansas, having had just one incredibly successful season in the last 13, has not yet thrust its name into the circle of nationally-known moody teenagers, still picking up commits from some of the lesser-known prospects.

And after months and months and months of recruiting kids, some harder than others, the Kansas Jayhawks received 21 verbal commitments. 22 high school kids from across the country, although they were almost exclusively concentrated in Kansas or Texas (13 of the 22 are from one of those two states). And despite all of the usual change-of-hearts and reneging verbal commits, 20 of the 22 signed their Letters-of-Intent to the University of Kansas sometime today. And of the two who didn't, Jamaal Johnson, had his scholarship revoked after his academics didn't pan out. Zach Stadther, the other Kansas commit lost, initially verballed to Kansas before academic reasons again forced Kansas to pull the offer, allowing Stadther to stay in-state and attend the University of Arkansas.

So, with that said, here is a look at our finally finalized recruiting Class of 2008:

JUCO RB Jocques Crawford
JUCO OT Nathan D'Cunha

TE Tim Biere
TE Tanner Hawkinson
WR Daymond Patterson
OL John Williams
DB Greg Brown
JUCO WR Rod Harris (3 years)
DE D.J. Marshall
QB Kale Pick
DB Lubbock Smith
DE Duane Zlatnik
OL Ben Leuken
OL Trevor Marongelli
DT Darius Parish
DE/TE Nicholas Plato
DB Corrigan Powell
ATH Sean Ransburg
LB Josh Richardon
P Alonso Rojas

We will spend a lot of time over the summer analyzing each and every incoming prospect, discussing playing time in 2008 and beyond among other things. But right now, in the middle of basketball season, I am waving good-bye to these names and simply storing them in the back of my brain.

Once basketball season ends, and I complete recapping that (BTW, I haven't forgotten about me beginning the football season recap. I know that I started it like two weeks ago and have done nothing sense, but basketball has picked up; ideally I will start back up within the next week and finish it sometime in April. I know this is WAY longer than everyone else, but I wanted time to allow the awesomeness to sink in, plus if you are already done recapping last season in January, what do you talk about the rest of the year until next football season, huh?) season, we start looking forward to next year in both basketball and football.