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Jayhawks Go 0 for 3 Saturday

What opened up as a chance for Kansas to pick up three wins, one in basketball on their way to another possible conference championship, and two in a double-header on the islands in baseball.

Instead, the basketball outfit never played up to its potential and choked away a chance to win it at the end of the game while the baseball team lost both to a weak-at-best Hawaii-Hilo Vulcans team.

And while JQ is sure to break down the baseball team's misfortune, as he knows so much more than I do, I will certainly be here all day tomorrow to break down the third loss of the season for the basketball team. This one, the 7th consecutive porous performance by the Jayhawks, might have been the worst game of the season for us, as only Darnell Jackson could even make an argument for having a good game.

But for now, just go home and cry or pout or however you cope with Jayhawk losses.

Especially considering how poorly we played; we didn't lose this afternoon because we ran into either an awesome team (Texas) or a rival who had an insane night (Kansas State). Okie State didn't even play out of their minds, we just played down to their level, and Byron Eaton took full advantage.

For all the talk of "Best Team in the Country" and "#1 Seed" and "Big 12 Champions" and "Best Kansas Team Ever" and "Undefeated Season" and even "Best Bill Self Team Ever", this isn't a product you would expect to see. Unless we turn it around, and fast, we just might see Bucknell Version 2.0.

And Heaven help if that happens.