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Open Game Thread : Game #27 : #5 Kansas (24-2) @ Oklahoma State (13-12)

OK, I lied. Turns out, I will be able to watch the game, as my local CBS affiliate (Los Angeles, Channel 2) decided to use some common sense and put on the 'Hawks.

I love ex-Jayhawk coach Norm Roberts and everything, St. John's head guy for a couple of years now, but his Red Storm don't exactly compare to the Dukies this season. The game has Blowout City written all over it.

And while our game isn't exactly shaping up to be on ESPN Classic any time soon, it at least is a conference game (who wants to see non-conference games in late February, save the awesomely amazing BracketBusters) and the better team is on the road.

So, here is your open thread. Also make sure and check out JQ's baseball open thread below, the baseball version of the Jayhawks are taking on the Vulcans of Hawaii-Hilo in a doubleheader today following last night's season-opening win.

Hopefully, we can go 3-0 today in all interesting games, both baseball games and this one in Stillwater.