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Colorado Buffaloes: Perfect Remedy to Loss

The last time that the Kansas Jayhawks were coming off of a loss played less than six months ago was February 7th, 2007, four days after a devastatingly close home loss to the Aggies of Texas A&M. Acie Law IV drilled a three in the bottom corner on the right side, if you are watching games in Allen Field House on the television, just feet away from the Texas A&M bench. And as Law's three tickled the twine (I feel like Dicky V...ugh), the air was let out of Allen Field House, not to be recaptured anytime that night. The next opponent was the Kansas State Wildcats, making their first trip to Allen Field House with Bobby Huggins at the helm.

It didn't end well for the Powercats, as they were absolutely murdered inside the walls of 52 year old Allen Field House, in front of 16,300 all-too-happy witnesses. Every particle of air that Acie Law sucked out of the building with his game-clinching three just four nights previous had slowly been let loose that night, and we rode that momentum wave all the way to the Elite Eight, before losing to UCLA. We lost exactly zero times between the Texas A&M loss and our Elite Eight loss to the UCLA Bruins.

And here we sit, today, just three days prior having had "The Streak" been snapped while at our highest moment. The team will be angry, the team will be focused, the team will be motivated. And the tiny, miniscule, small chance of the Buffs pulling off the Upset of the Year in Boulder Saturday was thrown out the window with each silky-smooth Michael Beasley floating through the nets in Bramlage Coliseum. I would feel confident against just about anybody in the world after the way we played Wednesday night, the odds of us playing like that two games in a row are not good for a Bill Self-coached team. But consider the fact that the opponent is the hapless Colorado Buffaloes, an 8-11 (1-5) team suffering from the lack of recruiting ability of their previous coach, Ricardo Patton.

Jeff Bzdelik, the poor soul, has quite the task in front of him, rebuilding what is quite possibly the worst program in all of the BCS conferences. Wait, hold it. I forgot about the Oregon State Beavers. OK, how about second worst program? In any case, they have one halfway decent player in Richard Roby, and after that they have a roster filled-out with mid-major talent at a BCS conference school. That equation, nine times out of ten, equals a coach getting the ax, just as it did in Boulder. As is, the Buffs are a couple of years away before getting anywhere in the Big 12 Conference, and home wins against other bottom feeders like Nebraska (their lone win so far in conference play), Texas Tech and Iowa State looking like the only chances left for a victory.

Their offense sucks, big time, ranking 223rd in the world of division 1 college basketball. Their defense is only slightly better, checking in at 157th.

That is all you need to know. All you need to know is that an angry and ready-to-play Kansas Jayhawks squad will be coming into Boulder tomorrow, ready to face on a team that has the 223rd best offense in college basketball. 223rd! UMKC has a better offense than the Buffs, statistically, as does Texas State, Morehead State, Wagner, Centenary, Norfolk State, South Dakota State, etc.

Good luck, Buffs. You are going to need it...