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Have We Finally Broken Free of Our "Mini-Slump"?

Before I dive headfirst into this week's content, I just want to semi-apologize. I had quite a fun President's Day Weekend, and that was the reason I never got around to summing up our demolishing of the Colorado Buffaloes, a game that needs little, if any, summation. In the first half, we played like sluggish, simply going through the motions of a 20-year anniversary, expected win kinda day. But once we hit the court to start out the second half, we became a completely different team, the same team that has taken lesser teams to town all year long. But now, here I am, talking about the game. That was supposed to wait.


Like I started to discuss in the italicized, mandatory apology note for my three-day absence, the Kansas team that had been hiding for 5 and one half games finally came free in the second half Saturday afternoon, or so I think. Our offense played fine, despite the relatively low total of 69 points, and our defense was back to its dominating ways. Finally.

But, as fun as it was to see Tyrel Reed and 10 other bench players all see live game action, I have officially moved beyond the Buffaloes. For the rest of the year, pending a possible meeting (albeit highly unlikely the way it is shaping up) in the Big 12 Tournament. So, there will be no game recap. And that is another reason for my semi-apology. Because who doesn't wanna recap how the Kansas basketball team (potentially) got its mojo back.

But instead, what with this our one week during conference play where there is no mid-week game, I will begin to expand my horizons and discuss the wide world of college basketball this week, along with discussing at length if we did get our mojo back, and if we didn't how can we.

So, see, there will still be some discussion on the throwback-jersey-wearing, Saturday afternoon demolition of the hapless Colorado Buffaloes.

But I will say one thing about Saturday, a chord I have been singing for a while now. Cole Aldrich needs to be playing more. And now.