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Open Game Thread : Game #25 : #3 Kansas (23-1) @ #11 Texas (19-4)

This sucks.

Here we have the biggest game of the year for the Jayhawks, but it is forced to go previewless. To blame is the Grammy's, a Monday spent at school, and a late Saturday night game, moving my recap to Sunday.

So, regretfully, I come to you without a preview of the #11 team in the country, the Texas Longhorns.

Here is all I have to say: Guard D.J. Augustin.

If we can do that, I like our chances. Unless, of course, they go bazooka from beyond the three-point line, similar to the Bears' performance Saturday night, and hit everything and anything under the sun.

But that can't happen twice in a row, can it?

Texas is the best team we have played all year, guaranteed, and this game is being played in Austin, at The Drum. Scary. I think that, if our perimeter defense can bounce back to its pre-Manhattan form we walk away with a double-digit victory, anything else and we lose.

I vote for the revival of Russell and Mario's defense; Kansas 83 Texas 70.

(Nick Krug/KU Sports)