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Hawk Talk...Insight Bowl Edition


A look at news and notes about Jayhawks and upcoming opponents...

The Good Guys...

The Bad Guys...

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My Thoughts...It wasn't necessarily what we had anticipated but the 2008 season has been a fun one and probably mainly because of the way it could wrap up.

Kansas beat it's rival the Missouri Tigers late in the year and now has a chance with a victory in a bowl game to wrap up the year 8-5 and continue the momentum of the program.

My expectation in this one is that Minnesota won't be able to slow the Kansas offense. As far as the other side of the ball, the Kansas defense will find it has learned enough over the course of a season spent chasing offenses the likes of Oklahoma, Texas, Texas Tech and Missouri to slow Minnesota's attack enough for the win.

The loss of Justin Thornton does put a wrench in things but fortunately backup Kendrick Harper has had enough game experience headed into the matchup with Eric Decker and company to be effective.

On offense the Kansas line has developed into a servicable unit over the course of the year and should find itself capable of establishing a running attack and keeping Reesing out of harms way.

The biggest danger with Minnesota is if their defense can force Kansas into a one dimensional attack and create mistakes.

All said and done I think KU pulls away in this one and we all get to have a little bit of fun in Tempe as we look to 2009. I'll be at the game so unfortunately I won't be joining the open thread but by all means if you don't have plans join others here at RCT for a little Jayhawk camaraderie.

Final Score: Kansas 38 Minnesota 24

Rock Chalk Jayhawk

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