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Open Game Thread :: Game #11 :: Kansas 8-2 (0-0) @ Arizona 7-3 (0-0)

As I said, who the hell knows how this will all turn out. Should be fun, though, and definitely a good test to see where we're at.

The key will be Brady on Budinger, IMO. If Brady can keep Budinger from completely going insane, our superior talent just about everywhere else (Hill is good, yes, but Aldrich is better and I'll take Collins + Taylor against t heir backcourt duo any day of the week and twice on Tuesday nights) should allow us to win. So, Brady, I'm looking at you. Make us all proud.

My prediction? I'll say that Brady does a pretty good job on Chase, and one of the Morris twins (my bias will take Marcus, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it be Markieff at all) blows up. Kansas 78 Arizona 67

But again, that is purely a guess. There are far too many teams to identify which one is going to show up for both teams, making predictions pretty much impossible.

I should be here for game time, by the way, if you want to stop by and chat during the game. I'll be flipping back-and-forth between the KU-AZ game and the end of the sure-to-be-epic San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl between Boise State and TCU, but should still be plenty active.