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2008 RCT Reader Year in Review...

All right everyone, we’ve counted down the top 10 performances, we’ve read about the top 5 plays and now you have had a chance to see the entire list.  This post is dedicated solely to discussion surrounding the year’s performances, plays etc.  We’ve got a little basketball this week but as a whole with recruiting shutting down for the holidays it’ll be a slow one before we start previewing the bowl next week. 

That said let’s hear you thoughts.  Any great games I missed?  Do you have a different order in your head?  What are your top plays?  Reminisce a little with me, this may not have been as successful a year as we all would have hoped but I for one am still happy with the progress and with the way recruiting is shaping up things are looking up.

So comment early and often let’s have a discussion about it and I would love to hear everyone else’s thoughts on the season.