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Top 10 Kansas Football Performances of 2008: #1

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The last and final performance of the 2008 Kansas football season, the #1 performance of the 2008 Kansas football season and of course it comes in the Border War.  As I said when the countdown hit #5 there was going to be a bit of a theme developing and that certainly isn’t changing now that we’ve hit the top performance.  This particular performance was in the words of Coach Mangino the grittiest, gutsiest performance he’s been associated with and the player earning the #1 spot was a big part of that.

Now when determining the order of the final three it was a very tough call.  Todd Reesing and Darrell Stuckey had monster games against the tigers as did Briscoe and Kansas couldn’t have won without each of them.  However, one other player hobbled his way to an inspiring performance and what was likely the top play of the Kansas football season as well.

Quick note:  We will do an honorable mention and fan feedback post related to this countdown during the coming week while it’s slow for the holidays.  I’ll throw it up fairly soon and feel free to give your feedback on how you would have ordered these performances, others I’ve missed, top plays etc. and overall your best memories from the season so far.  Should be fun and something to pass the time between bball games and before we get to bowl week. 




Not really a secret the #1 performance came from Kerry Meier against Missouri.  Meier started off the season on a tear quickly becoming a favorite target for Todd Reesing the very guy that took his job.   About the time of the Colorado game he suffered from what many now believe is a hamstring injury that hobbled him and limited him at times throughout conference play.  Anyone that was there at Arrowhead knows how cold it was and if you’ve ever pulled, torn or tweaked a muscle you know that the weather that day was no recipe for a pain free game for Meier.  Meier though showed up in a huge way.

Early on Meier caught several short routes on third down extending drives much like he had since suffering his injury early in the year.  Nothing spectacular but a typical workman like game early going from Meier, but when the time came that Kansas would have to answer Reesing and Meier would become the go to connection.  Missouri took the lead at the 6:52 mark of the 4th quarter and the entire stadium went through a whirlwind of emotions.  Kansas fans saw a lead the team had worked so hard to create vanish in a hurry.  Missouri fans felt they had gotten over the hump and were on their way to a victory.  The next drive Reesing would connect with Meier in the back of the endzone for the go ahead score once again changing the momentum.  With 4:26 left though you just had the feeling that there was too much time on the clock.  Indeed there was and Missouri would again score a go ahead touchdown this time at the 1:50 mark, this time the feel was a little different.  As a Kansas fan I felt like they left too much time for Reesing and Meier and the Tiger fan next to me thought the same thing.  Turns out we were both right and on his one good leg Reesing connected with Meier several times on the drive moving Kansas within striking distance before stalling out to a 4th and 7.  One of the most exciting plays of the season and recent memory Reesing scrambled in the pocket and found a streaking Kerry Meier behind the defense for a touchdown catch that looked eerily similar to last year’s Sports Illustrated cover.  The Kansas fans exploded, the Kansas team exploded and while he will be remembered for those two touchdowns when you look at the stat sheet Kerry Meier was huge throughout the game at Arrowhead.

14 catches for 106 yards and 2 HUGE touchdowns earn Kerry Meier the #1 performance of the 2008 Kansas football season.  Not just because of the stats but because the way Meier has handled his career.  He could have simply taken a headset and clipboard when he took a demotion at quarterback, but instead he has found his way on the field and become one of the best receivers in the Big 12 despite rarely practicing as a receiver.  His awareness of the offense and knack for being at the right place at the right time all while playing in pain was an incredible thing to watch.  K-Magic strikes again and Kerry Meier makes his first appearance on the countdown and checks in at a pretty prestigious spot.