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Top 10 Kansas Football Performances of 2008: #3

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Performance #3 on the 2008 countdown comes from our fearless leader.  Two years ago in a game against the Colorado Buffaloes in Lawrence a short kid out of Austin Texas took the field at quarterback and provided a much needed spark for the Jayhawks leading them to a win and changing the course of events for Kansas football.


Todd Reesing would never fully be implemented as a starter until 2007 but on that Saturday in 2006 we saw a calm and cool true freshman lead a team to a victory and wonder what might be to come.  In 2007 Reesing exploded onto the scene and has never looked back since gaining the starting spot over Kerry Meier.  Passing records have fallen, season scoring records, yardage records, an Orange Bowl and for the first time in school history back to back bowl games.  So which of his many strong performances earned him a spot at #3?

As if there was any doubt Todd Reesing out dueling Chase Daniel in Arrowhead was the performance that will stick with Kansas fans everywhere for years to come.  In what many have hyped as the best border war ever played Reesing showed the poise and confidence we have come to expect from him and this time in a game where the Jayhawks couldn’t have done it without him. 


While the Jayhawks in no way abandoned the run in this one, because of the nature of the game Reesing would put the ball in the air early and often.  The conditions less than ideal with freezing temperatures and rain changing to snow, Reesing didn’t seemed phased putting the ball in the air 51 times on the afternoon.


What truly took this performance from great to legendary was the final two drives after Missouri twice took the lead and the air out of Kansas fans, Reesing led one go ahead and the eventual game winning drive under immense pressure.  His scramble and awkward looking toss to Kerry Meier with 27 seconds on the clock was one of the most exciting Kansas football finishes I have had the pleasure to watch. 


In the end Reesing connected on 37 of his total 51 attempts for a completion percentage of 73%.  He put up a total of 375 yards through the air for 4 touchdowns.  For this performance Reesing earned the #3 Kansas performance of 2008.  While many are probably asking why this isn’t #1 I think that just says a lot about how good Todd really is when a game like this while great, is somewhat expected from the guy that will go down as the greatest Kansas quarterback in history when his career is over.