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Quick Note

Hey everybody here at RCT I wanted to pass on a little note just setting some guidelines in terms of our recent increase in posts regarding recruiting.  Please make sure that if you pick up the information that you post on this site from another site that we reference it back to our source.  Specifically I want to make sure we credit the guys over at JayhawkSlant who do a tremendous job covering recruiting.  While I have been having more discussions with recruits, covering it in greater detail and posting more info about recruits there is a lot they catch because of their resources that I don't, so we just need to be sure to give those guys credit where it's due.

So if you get some information you want to discuss over here or something please just give those guys the credit when they deserve it.  I'll be doing the same and I'll also continue to interact with these recruits and do my own interviews etc. and try to bring you guys the news as I hear it and if anyone has requests or suggestions I am happy to entertain those ideas as well.  This will just make it a little better as I can give you quick updates while giving those guys full credit over there as well when they deserve it. 

So with that said let's keep the discussion lively, I've enjoyed all the recent fan posts and comments and encourage more.  Also there definitely seems to be a lot of interest regarding recruiting with our little group here and I am looking forward to the next few weeks that are certain to be entertaining in this area.  Thanks for all your help and happy fanposting.

On a sidenote, I'll be wrapping up the top 10 hopefully between now and early next week and then between that and the bowl we can open it up for debate and discussion on others, different orders, top plays etc.