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Know Thy Enemy: Nebraska Cornhuskers

In order to get some more information on the Nebraska Cornhuskers, who we'll be taking on this afternoon, I asked the fine folks over at Corn Nation some questions. The questions follow, and make sure and check back at CN for plenty of awesome content.

RCT: Is Bo Pelini the guy to get Nebraska back to dominance? And, on a similar note, how impressed have you with been him thus far?

CN: Only a few games in, he sure says the right things and appears to be doing the right things but that’s nothing more than a honeymoon. I feel confident that Pelini will be a good coach for Nebraska. In last week’s Oklahoma game, we were down 28-0 within the first six minutes. If Nebraska fans had previously thought Pelini would bring a quick fix, that was proof , but he has a lot of work to do.

RCT: Nebraska hasn't lost to Kansas in 40 years, but the Kansas team of the past two years is different than just about every other team that has made the trip up to Lincoln. Are Husker fans expecting a win based off history, or realizing that Kansas is a different team and merely 'hoping' for a win?

CN: So many streaks have disappeared in the last few years that anyone expecting a win off history is just awakening from a coma or a complete loonie. I don’t know if it’s hoping for a win as much as it is the realization that if we play like we’re capable of playing we will win the game.

That’s the biggest problem with the Huskers right now. They’re inconsistent. It’s like they’re schizophrenic - at times they look like world beaters, then a play or two later they revert back to last year.

RCT: Besides Joe Ganz and Marlon Lucky, who is the best player on the Nebraska offense?

CN: Nate Swift. He’s comparable to Kerry Meier. He’s not the fastest, not the most athletic guy, he just makes plays. He’s set the all-time school record for receptions and may also set it in yardage this season.

You may want to pay attention to sophomore running back Roy Helu. He’s explosive, hits the holes (when they’re there) fast and has been doing better on the ground than Lucky this season.

RCT: You played toe-to-toe with Texas Tech by holding on to the ball and dominating time of possession. Do you think that is going to be the strategy again Saturday afternoon? If not, then what will it be?

CN: Same strategy again. I’d rather not see us get into a shoot out with the Jayhawks. We have a good offense, but we don’t have an explosive, playmaking receiver. We have possession guys and we can control the clock when we’re not making mistakes. That’s the route to a win.

RCT: If Nebraska wins, it will be because of:

CN: near-perfect execution. That means eliminating stupid mistakes like personal foul penalties and turnovers. Both of those things cost us games against Virginia Tech and Texas Tech.

RCT: Prediction, please.

CN: I can see this being a mirror of the Texas Tech game. We did that on the road in Lubbock which isn't an easy place to play so we should be able to do it at home. And KU's defense is susceptible to our offense.
Nebraska 34, Kansas 31

Let's get it on.