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Did Kansas put an End to the Ron Prince Era??

Yes fellow Jayhawks our worst nightmare has come true.  By putting a beatdown to our instate rival Kansas State Wildcats the Jayhawks may have ultimately shot themselves in the foot.  Today the Wildcats Ron Prince, a great ally to the Jayhawks, has announced that 2008 will be his final season at Kansas State. 

My how quickly things change.  Bill Snyder left the cupboard bare, K-State ignored the past and went for Ron Prince and now has it in fact become a basketball school?  Of course most of this is sarasm but it is certainly another interesting twist in the soap opera of Kansas State athletics.  Also makes you curious about the future of self declared best quarterback in the Big 12 Josh Freeman as well as the Power Towel...Bring it to every game...or leave it at home, whatever you want is fine.

Here's the link...