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Why the Presidential Election Signals a Kansas Win at Nebraska

Quick disclaimer...I do not enodrse or intend to endorse any presidential candidate with this story.  To be honest I can't wait until this election is over because I'm tired of the phone calls.  That said it is clear to me that this years presidential election is a clear indicator that the Kansas Jayhawks will break their streak of losses in Lincoln...

What do Barack Obama and the Mark Mangino led Kansas Jayhawks football team have in common.  Well in a historic year they could both bring success for their respective parties in states where it has long eluded them.  Barack Obama presents "change" to the country and that message seems to be ringing true in republican strongholds around the nation.  Mark Mangino preaches "sawin’ wood" across the Big 12 landscape and has an opportunity to change the fortunes of the Kansas Jayhawks in a former Big 12 power's stronghold.  The locations are different but the goal is the same Barack wants to win an election and Mangino wants to win a game.  Taking into account the most recent CNN polls let’s analyze the odds and see what seems to be taking shape.

Kansas and Nebraska first squared off in 1892 and the football game has been continually played since 1906.  This certainly hasn't been a series Kansas has been the most successful in, only managing an overall record of 22-88-3.  This record included a 36 consecutive game losing streak that stretched from 1969 until 2005.  Fortunately recent years have brought a little bit of balance to the matchup as the Jayhawks snapped the streak in 2005 with a 40-15 victory in Lawrence.  After losing in a 2006 thriller in Lincoln, Kansas returned home in 2007 to shock the Huskers with a 76-39 victory.  However, one streak has remained and that is the fact that Kansas hasn't won in Lincoln since 1968.

The republicans and democrats first squared off in the presidential election of 1792.  That battle has waged on through Civil Wars, World Wars and a Great Depression.  While the tide of this rivalry has had a more balanced result over the years recent history has not been kind to the democrats in certain states much like the past years have not been kind to Kansas in the State of Nebraska.  As we approach this historic election nothing is certain but it would appear based on “100% accurate polls” that Barack Obama and Mark Mangino might well be breaking a few streaks in some critical battleground states.

The State of Virginia...

  • Barack Obama and John McCain are in a dead heat but recent polls have Barack Obama winning this state for the first time since 1964.


  • Again a state long considered a republican stronghold has not selected a democratic President since 1964.  Here again Obama appears poised to possibly break that streak

North Carolina

  • Roy Williams, Dean Smith and the rest of the State appear ready for change and prepared to vote for the first Democratic candidate since 1976.

North Dakota

  • Another republican stronghold in a dogfight to fend off the Obama change express and the democrats who haven’t received the electoral from the Fighting Sioux since 1964.

Finally and Most Importantly Nebraska.......

  • While Barack and the Democrats really have nothing to do with this state Mark Mangino is carrying the flag for the campaign for change and takes a formidable Kansas team to the doorstep of destiny during election week 2008.  Kansas has a 3 point lead in the latest CNN polls and has a chance to make it happen.

One could argue that Tuesday is the most important day for our countries future and states like Virginia, North Carolina etc. will determine the fate of our great nation.  I however think it is clear that the fate of our Nation will be decided not on election Tuesday but on a Saturday in Lincoln when Mark Mangino and the Kansas Jayhawks laugh history in the face and go all out for the first Kansas win in Lincoln since 1968.  Yes we can!!!! Hope, Change and all that other stuff.

I’m Denverjhawk and I approve this message….

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