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Border War Champions :: Good Guys 40. Bad Guys 37.



Obviously, there will be plenty of internet space used up on this game in the coming days and weeks, as there won't be much else for us to talk about, football-wise. But for now, simply bask in all its glory.

We were the better team today, and I don't think anyone will really dispute that. And that had more to do with our improvement from week-to-week, and the coaching staff's preparation using the bye, than a not-so-hot performance from Mizzou. Sure, the Tigers didn't play fantastically, particularly in the first quarter, but they still played a really good football game. And they are a damn good football team.

And in a better place, overall, with their football team. However, the gap isn't nearly as noticeable as plenty would have you believe. We need a couple more athletes on defense and POOF, we are right in their league year-in-and-year-out. But again, that is what we can talk about more later.

For now, just enjoy the aftermath of the game. One of the best games of the season, easy, and one of the best games in the history of the Border War. Absolutely incredible.

Rock Chalk, baby.