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Kansas vs. Missouri Team Analysis

This week brings the 117th edition of the Border War.  This unique and historically rooted rivalry puts longtime foes in the Kansas Jayhawks and the Missouri Tigers against one another in a battle in Kansas City.  This years version again has two strong teams in this rivalries history and this year pride is a stake for both teams.

Why Kansas? Edge Scenario Edge Why Missouri?

Kansas and Todd Reesing will have an opportunity to redeem themselves in a matchup against the 111th ranked pass defense in the country.  Look for Reesing and the receiving corps to have a strong game against the Missouri defense and expect a possible Jocques Crawford siting from time to time.

KU Offense vs. Missouri Defense Missouri can win this matchup in a few instances.  First, if it's poor weather.  Reesing has struggled in cold or rainy weather and hopefully we don't have a repeat of last years forcast.  Second, Kansas was disrupted by Texas and if Missouri keeps Kansas down early doubt could creep into the huddle resulting in another poor performance.
The inspired Senior day performance was impressive, but with little help from the offense it couldn't last.  If the KU defense plays equally inspired and get's some help from the offense, even an early lead, they could force Daniel out of his normal groove and win this matchup.  At least somewhat.

KU Defense vs. Missouri Offense

Different week, same story.  Another top 5 offense on the agenda for Clint Bowen and the Jayhawks.  Chase Daniel and company will be highly motivated in this final Border War appearance and I expect the Missouri offense to ulimately win this matchup.
Kansas needs to put some serious emphasis on this area in the offseason and look to regroup in 2009. Special Teams


Two names:  Jeremy Maclin and Jeff Wolfert

I still say Mangino is a great coach because he has done more with less than anyone and that certainly includes Pinkel Mangino does have a knack for these rivalry type games.


Even with my biased view of coach Mangino I sitll had to call this matchup a draw because Missouri does boast two of the most sought after Coordinators on the market this year

This anlaysis looks very familiar as all year it seems Kansas has been prepared to handle the game from an offensive standpoint but not from a defensive or special teams stance. 

This game will come down to how well Kansas can contain Chase Daniel on offense, Jeremy Maclin on special teams and if the offense can get back on track after struggling to score against a stout Texas Longhorn squad.