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Xavier Henry on to Memphis

The recruiting saga of much heralded Kansas basketball legacy Xavier Henry has drawn to a close.  After several changes in plans the top ranked Henry chose Memphis in a announcement this morning on ESPN.  The recruiting battle has been going back and forth between Kansas and Memphis for quite sometime now with sources at both schools claiming they had the inside track.  Turns out Coach Calipari was the one with the edge and CJ Henry's recent enrollment at the University of Memphis was the final straw in making this decision.  Xavier in fact said his deciding factor was one last chance to play with his brother CJ at Memphis. 

When asked about his history with Kansas and the call to Coach Self Henry said it was a very hard decision but it boiled down to what was most important to him and that was playing at Memphis.  Henry followed that up with a call to stay tuned it's going to be a big year at Memphis next year.

 Looks like the 2009  Kansas class will probably end up being just Thomas Robinson and Elijah Johnson.  A great class but this could have been a historic one if we hadn't whiffed on Snaer and Henry.  There is still the slim prospect of either Dominic Cheek or John Wall but I'm not nearly as hopeful in regards to these two as I was with Snaer and Henry.