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Hawk Talk...The Morning After Edition


A look at news and notes about Jayhawks and upcoming opponents...

My Thoughts...The unthinkable happened yesterday, Kansas lost a football game because its offense was inept.  Todd Reesing appeared flustered and incapable of making the plays that we all know him for.  The pass protection was more than acceptable in many cases and there has been a clear improvement over the year with Jeremiah Hatch and Jeff Spikes, yet Reesing couldn’t seem to pull the trigger and couldn’t seem to keep the ball out of the dirt.  I say it again, the Kansas offense lost this game and it’s been awhile since I’ve had to say that.

A Senior day inspired defense came out and did everything they could in the first half forcing several punts by the potent offense of the Texas longhorns.  The unit forced a turnover, the defensive backs seemed to continue to get more comfortable in their new positions, and even the defensive line put some token pressure on Colt McCoy.  The problem this week was we couldn’t capitalize from an offensive standpoint.  The longer the game went without us turning the stops into our momentum the more hopeless the cause and eventually it all broke down. 

This was a frustrating game yet again for Kansas fans and it’s clear we still have work to do in the talent department before we take the next step and beat these big time opponents at home.  I talked about it a little yesterday but it’s worth mentioning again, Kansas needs some more time to improve recruiting and development based on the recent success.  This senior class committed to Mangino on the heels of a 4-7 year so while one of the greatest senior classes in terms of on field success ever at the University they probably weren’t the most talented to ever walk through the door.  Hopefully that class is yet to come and when they do on a more consistent basis we’ll begin to turn the next corner.  Nonetheless, we will see a 2nd straight bowl, we are bowl eligible for the fourth straight year and I believe we’ve got a good shot at Missouri in Arrowhead.

A couple of guys on this team do deserve special mention after yesterday.  Kerry Meier, this guy is a warrior and all hear, we need a few more healthy versions of him on the field.  Dez Briscoe, amazing catch, another great game, and he continues to develop into a star.   Jeremiah Hatch and Jeff Spikes, no they aren’t there yet and no they didn’t have the greatest game, but they have shown marked improvement and if we could play South Florida with this current version of these two I think we win the game.  The defensive line, the unit that has been frustrating all year got some pressure and didn’t get pushed around against a usually dominate Texas O-line.  Thornton and Patterson both seem to be developing and getting more comfortable at their new spots and while I hope we get Patterson back on offense, he looks like a serviceable corner. 

Those are a few of my thoughts for positives looking ahead now it’s an extended Missouri week and maybe this team can put together their first full complete game in this one and make us all feel a little better.

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