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Rock Chalk Roundtable

After residing elsewhere for several weeks Rock Chalk Roundtable returns to Rock Chalk Talk. This week our contributors are Denverjhawk from Rock Chalk Talk, DJ from Hawk Digest, and HipHopopotomus from Kansas Football It's Business Time.

Here are this weeks questions...Jump to the post for the Answers...

1. First off and then we'll move on, what disappointed you the most
about last week's game?
2. How funny was it to watch head Powercat, Tim Fitzgerald, bumble the 
Gary Patterson story (if there ever was one)?
3. At 6-4, with two very tough games remaining, what are you looking 
for out of this team?
4. Though clearly still the favorite, Texas has not looked dominant 
since the Methzou shellacking. Is there a chance they peaked too early?
5. In order for Kansas to win this game, they must...

6. Big XII picks: MU@ISU, NU@KSU, A&M@Baylor, OSU@CU

Again...answers after the jump...


Denverjhawks answers:

1.)  Special teams...absolutely abysmal and embarassing.  We give up field position and momentum without even trying with this unit and something has to be done.  I can live with the offense, the defense, while leaving some to be desired did turn it over 3 times but the special teams continues to play horribly and it's hurting everyone.
2.)  Honestly feel a little bad for the guy but I guess you have to check your sources a little better, I kind of thought it would actually go through but it's been pretty quiet on the western front lately so who knows?
3.)  I want two competitive games...I say that because to be competitive against Texas and Missouri they will have to be clicking in all phases and that too me is critical.  It's been a rollercoaster season and it's time to circle the wagons and keep our eye on the task of moving this program forward.  That may mean a win against one of the final two and it may not but there cannot be any quit in this team.
4.)  It's possible but by the same token I think since the Mizzou game it has become clear that the Big 12 South is a different animal than the North.  There's a chance they may have actually lost at the right time thought...if Texas Tech loses to OU and then OU loses to OSU ,Texas should be poised for another run at Mizzou and then likely the NC Game.
5.)  Play flawlessly in every aspect, The offense has to execute in both the running and passsing, the defense will not stop Texas but they need to force a couple turnovers and keep the opponent from putting 40+ on the board, and lastly and most importantly the special teams has to give us and keep field position which it hasn't done once this year so I'm not holding my breath.  However a cold less than ideal day in Lawrence might even the playing field a little on this one.
6.) MU over ISU
     NU over KSU
     A&M over Baylor
     OSU over CU


1. The lack of focus.  This was especially apparent on defense. There were times here and there when Nebraska just made a play and to that you just tip your cap.  But more often than that guys were either missing assignments or tackles, or both.  And that's just unacceptable.  

2. Pretty damn funny.  For all we know, he could have been right.  But right or not, you have to know that K-State likely wasn't even allowed to talk to him yet.  So if by chance they had and it had been shook on, it still wasn't the right time to run the story.  I have to say, his homerism got the best of him.

3. Well, I will NEVER accept defeat to a Methzouri team.  Theyare better on paper, as they've pretty much been every year over the past decade.  And yet the Hawks have gone 5-5 in that time.  So while I'm realistic enough to know that we could and very well may lose, I'll never concede.  As for Texas, I just want to see it all laid on the line.  And that's not to say we haven't always seen max effort this year (Tech second half aside), but I also want to see focus.  I'm not sure what it will take to beat Texas, but there's no excuse for not keeping it competitive.

4. I really do.  I think injuries and overall fatigue have played a part, but I do think they've already peaked.  If you look at their season, they noticeably improved game to game through the non-con and into league play.  They came out and absolutely attacked OU and MU.  And ever since then, while still playing well (and damn near well enough to still be undefeated), they haven't quite looked the same.  

5. Be the aggressor.  This isn't a David v. Goliath, but by that same token, no one is expecting anything out of the Hawks.  They have no excuse not to come out playing with their hair on fire and looking to make plays.  Don't play stupid, but take chances. Force the issue. Take care of your assignment and see what happens.

6.  MU over ISU, NU over KSU, Baylor over A&M, OSU over CU
1) Definitely the missed tackles. A close second would be Chet Hartley getting demolished by Suh
2) I think it points to the inherent dangers of web media. It's pretty interesting to watch this evolve. Speaking of which -- have you taken a look at the future site? It really looks like it kicks all three of our sites down on the relevancy pecking order. An interesting move by the LJW to try to capture and contain more of the Jayhawk sports audience.
3) Passion and a killer instinct. Seems like we've played all year to protect what we had. It time to forget about that and get that "go out there and take it" mentality.
4) I think Mizzou is a flawed team. Their defense is suspect and stopping the Mizzou offense isn't really that complex. If you've got the athletes, like all spread offenses they are pretty easy to fluster. Unfortunately, they just so happen to be built to target our deepest weaknesses.
5) Know that they can do it. This team learned how to lose too early this season. They don't have the "we are absolutely going to win this game no matter what" attitude that they developed last year. They say winning is learned, but I think losing is way more of a learned behavior. Once you lose one, then you let the possibility start to enter your mind during the game. And sure enough, you start to lose the close ones.

 MU over ISU / NU over KSU / Baylor over A&M / OSU over CU