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Hawk Talk...Rivalry Week Pregame


A look at news and notes about Jayhawks and upcoming opponents...

The Good Guys...

The Bad Guys...

My Thoughts...Allright suddenly this game looks a lot closer and means a lot more than anyone would have thought 3 weeks ago.

Kansas is coming off a tough loss to Texas Tech and the schedule isn't getting any easier. Kansas State arrives in Lawrence after another game where the defense simply did not exist. This game will have big implications for both teams in terms of a bowl and also clearly has huge implications as far as in state recruiting and possibly the directions of each program.

The difference today will be the running game. Kansas seems to have found it and Kansas State can't stop it. If Kansas can establish the run early, avoid a slow start and put K-State on its heels this could be a big win for the Jayhawks.

Most improtantly for me I need to see the passion return. No doubt these players have felt beaten up the last two weeks and last week I'm sure no one was harder on those guys than themselves. If they come out with fire, passion and win this game convincingly Kansas will get back on track and still capable of fulfilling my preseason prediction of 8-4.

Final Score: Kansas 45 Kansas State 30

Also don't forget about the open game thread...I'm sure many of you are going to be out enjoying this one with others but if your around, you'll be bound to find some company here.

Full List of Supplemental Notes released by the athletic dept...Highlights after the Jump into the post...