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Kansas vs. Colorado Team Analysis

The Jayhawks and the Buffaloes take the field Saturday in a game that is critical for both teams in terms of how the season might end up. 

With a tough remaining schedule Kansas has to win this week because this is a team that on paper they should beat and they don't have many of those games left.  CU needs this game because they are on the ropes after two lackluster performances and confidence could continue to nose dive if they can't put something together. 

So what should we expect from the offensive units/defensive units/special teams when facing eachother this week and who wins the battles?

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Why Kansas? Edge Scenario Edge Why Colorado?
Kansas wins this one because of Todd Reesing.  This will be the best passing offense that CU has faced this year and while they have a decent front seven I don't think they are enough to get consistent pressure and force Todd into mistakes. KU Offense vs. CU Defense CU can win this if they keep Kansas one dimensional.  Kansas will again try to run in order to create balance and if CU can keep the run out of play and then contain Reesing they have a chance here.  I still think this passing offense is going to be hard for them to contain but at least this will give them a shot.
Kansas defense seemed to be developing an attitude in the second half of Iowa State.  Richard Johnson and Jake Laptad played well on the line and our linebackers looked as angry as they have all year.  CU needs to run to be in this game and a Kansas defense hasn't been hurt by the run for several years now.  I don't expect Kansas to completely shut down CU but I think they win this battle as well.  KU Defense vs. CU Offense CU can win this battle if they can control the clock.  The offense has been severely hurt by injury.  The line is pieced together, superstar recruit Darrell Scott has had a slow start because of his own injury issues.  If CU wants to win this they have to run the ball control the clock and let Cody Hawkins manage the game.  Hawkins has struggled and if they have to rely on him they will be in trouble.
Since Daymond Patterson exploded onto the scene it's been pretty quiet.  KU hasn't been hurt by special teams but it hasn't been a strength this year.  Our inability to flip the field in the Iowa State first half is a a prime example of our sub-par special teams play. Special Teams

Josh Smith is an explosive returner if he makes good decisions and kicker Aric Goodman has made a game winner already this year.  Although he did miss three last week.  Stll CU gets the nod in the Not So Special teams column.
Mark Mangino is the National Coach of the year, what more can I say. Coaching

Dan Hawkins might someday be national coach of the year.  He's creative and will take a chance if that's what it takes to win this game.


Final Thoughts...Kansas has the edge in most scenario's during this game but it's not a big enought edge that CU can't overcome it.  This will be CU's first true road test and present some unique challenges for them.  Kansas will see a team more committed to the run than anyone has been this year so that will be a change for them.  Overall,  I expect Kansas to win but I think this game is within 10.