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Rock Chalk Talk with 2009 Kansas Recruit Kevin Young

Source: Takkle

Editor's Note: Sorry for the change of picture. Because of copyright issues, we had to take the last one down. We regret the error and did not intend to cause anybody distress. That is, however, Kevin Young demolishing some less-than-lucky high school QB.

Rock Chalk Talk community, Tuesday evening I had the pleasure of speaking with Kevin Young for our second recruit interview in what is quickly becoming a favorite series of mine to work on here at Rock Chalk Talk. 

Thanks again for your questions and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments on the interview.

I've spoken to Kevin a few times prior to the interview and once again Kevin is an excellent example of the type of player we have come to expect with the Mark Mangino recruiting philosophy. 

Kevin strikes me as a very confident and focused individual and I look forward to seeing what he can do in a Kansas uniform. I think what excites me most about Kevin is that he will be on campus in January and as you can tell from many of his answers he sounds willing to put in the work to make an impact on this team.  

Well, enough of my jabbering...jump into the post for the complete interview...

First off could you talk a little bit about your senior season, How are things going for the team and for you individually?

Kevin...Well we’re 6-2 right now both loses happened by 1 point and we missed field goals in both of those games on the 1 yard line.  Individually my senior season is going pretty well I have 6 sacks right now and I’ve been out for 2 weeks with a knee injury but will be back next week


Obviously you are headed to KU, what stood out about Kansas that made you want to be a Jayhawk?

Kevin...Every time I went up there they made me feel like it was home. The coaches are real down to earth and Bowen and Clements seem like really good guys. They also have some of the best facilities in the nation now so now people can’t say it’s their facilities that they’re lacking.


Was there any specific visit, event or person that really clinched it for you?

Kevin...I went up their twice for camps...the O-Line/D-Line camp and the super Jayhawk camp and both times they made it feel like home and the main reason why I chose KU was because of the coaches...Bowen and Clements and Mangino really did it for me



Describe your playing style and strengths of your game?


Kevin...I like to play the pass rush because of the sacks you can get but I can also play the run and don’t have a problem playing it I just prefer playing defense against the pass.



How quickly do you expect to contribute for the Jayhawks?


Kevin...I’m graduating early to come in and play spring ball and hopefully get a jump, but I plan to come out and just play the best I can and if I’m the best at my position at that time I’ll play and if I’m not I’ll just keep working until i do get to play but hopefully its early.


Is there anyone you are looking forward to playing with most and why?

Kevin...Tyrone Sellers because I’ve known him for about a year now and I think he is a really great player and guy...I could see us playing both end spots and I’m looking forward to that.




Look ahead to your senior season as a Jayhawk...what are your goals both for the team and individually?


Kevin...Well I hope I can help the team to a bowl game and hopefully a national championship game and I hope to make All Conference and All American.


Have you been to any KU games this year?  Are you headed up for any others and what are your thoughts on the Kansas State game this weekend?

Kevin...I’ve been to two KU games this year I really like the game day atmosphere and I’m planning on going to the rest of their home games.  I think KU will win this game(K-State) pretty big being a home game and a rival game.


What Big 12 team are you looking forward to playing most and why?

Kevin...Texas, because everyone says they are the powerhouse in football and I like the competition.


Finally a few quick hitters to wrap it up...

Q. Favorite NFL Team

A. Denver Broncos (told him to check out Mile High Report, great SB Nation blog)

Q. Favorite NFL Player

A. Julius Peppers (same as Tyrone Sellers)

Q. Other than football what are you looking forward to most about KU.

A. Meeting new people, having fun and enjoying it.

Q. If you could play any other sport what would it be?

A. Basketball

Q. Favorite KU basketball player?

A. Wayne Simien

Q. KU vs. K-State score prediction?

A. KU 42  K-State 24