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Kansas vs. Kansas State, Historical Perspective...

Every year the Kansas Jayhawks and the Kansas State Wildcats square off for the Governers cup in a battle for in-state supremecy. Now talking about this rivalry in a historical perspective can be somewhat of an oxymoron I would like to throw out a few tidbits, recap some of the more memorable games and let you all vote on your favorite.

First off the history, the game has been played since 1902 between these two schools and since 1969 it has been for the coveted governers cup. The rivalry has seen highs and lows and even lows that were highs but in the end the Kansas Jayhawks hold a decisive 63-37-5 advantage in the overall series. All this despite the clear advantage that K-State held thought the 90's and earlier this decade. The tide appears to be turning as KU has one 3 of the last 4 and looks to extend to an actual winning streak of three with a win at home this coming Saturday.

Memorable games are somewhat few and far between but a few that do stand out for Kansas fans are 1987, 2004, 2006, 2007...

Learn more about the games and vote for your favorite after the jump...

1987...Lets start with the bad, the year of the futility bowl. These two programs were a combined 1-15 going into the showdown and someone was going to either get their first win of the year or double their win total for the year. However, neither would occur. The game would end in a 17-17 draw and neither team would go on to win another game that year. Why is this a highlight, well despite all the bad the tie did end up securing Kansas' spot at 7th in the Big 8 while Kansas State would ultimately finish last.

2004 The streak ends...Yes believe it Mark Mangino the student has defeated the teacher Bill Snyder to snap an 11 year losing streak to our in state rival the Kansas State Wildcats. A Big win for Mark Mangino and the beginning of a shift in power in the state of Kansas.

2006 for the first time since 1917 both teams came into this game riding winning streaks of two or more games. The Jayhawks capitalized on 6 Turnovers by the Wildcats to put up an impressive 39-20 victory making it 2 in a row at home against the Wildcats.

2007...Kansas arrived at the game boasting a 4-0 record but they were still a 3 point dog against rival Kansas state on the road. The big question going into this game was is Kansas for real. Kansas overcame a series of mistakes to go into half at 14-14. The second half saw a much stronger performance by the Jayhawks and a final interception late in the game sealed the third 5-0 start for the Jayhawks in 39 years.

Just a little persptive for those of you out there with a deeper knowledge of the rivalry, I was born in 1981 so this is about the extent that I can remember of anthing positive for Kansas football vs Kansas State. If you have others do share, we would love to hear them.