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Kansas vs. Texas Tech Team Analysis


This week Kansas welcomes Mike Leach and the Texas Tech Red Raiders to Lawrence for homecoming. 

This game is HUGE as far as Kansas' season goes.  A win this week and the Jayhawks should feel good about their chances of playing for the Big12 North Title in Arrowhead at the end of the season.  Lose this game and it's certainly not out of the questions but we do give up the ground that Missouri has yielded early in the conference slate. 

So what should we expect?  Two offensive juggernauts take the field saturday and you have to wonder does either defense stand a chance? or do we see a shootout between Todd Reesing and Graham Harrel?

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Why Kansas? Edge Scenario Edge Why Texas Tech?
Kansas can win this one because they've put up the numbers against some formidable opponents.  KU scored and moved the offense against ranked opponents in both OU and South Florida.  Another reason Kansas can win this matchup is the running game seems to be hitting it's stride.  Truthfully anybody would be hard pressed to pick against either offense in this game and I won't be picking against Todd Reesing. KU Offense vs. Tech Defense The Texas Tech defense can take the edge here if they continue to be stout against the run.  Even that might not be enough though.  This team gives up a lot through the air and K-State, Nebraska and even A&M have been able to score against this unit.  In the end while they won't be the worst defense KU will play, they certainly aren't the best.
Last week Sam Bradford set a record for passing yards in a single game and OU moved the ball extrememly well.  A home game and that experience will certainly help but KU will still have trouble stopping the Tech offense.  It's a matter of bend but don't break, keep it one dimensional and KU absolutely must capitalize on any mistakes.  KU Defense vs. Tech Offense Same situation as the KU offense.  Tech throws for more yards per game than anyone, puts up more points than all but four teams and have run the ball more effectively than Kansas.  Mike Leach will always put a good offense on the field and while I hope I'm wrong I think Tech has the edge here.
While I didn't see it it sounds as if there were signs of improvement this week for KU.  I'm counting on KU winning the edge here with another week of focus by Coach Mangino. Special Teams


Tech boasts a good return game but a less than steller coverage team.  Field goal game might feature a walk on who was discovered in a game day contest??
OU won their 2001 National title with first year offensive coordinator Mark Mangino.  Who did he take over guessed it Mike Leach.  Coach Mangino get's the edge here. Coaching

Mike Leach is an innovative offensive guy.  Seems a bit of a rebel and a bit nontraditional.  Quite frankly despite all this he has yet to prove anything.


Final Take...I expect this one to be a shootout but the Jayhawks are going to be fired up and hungry for a big win.  This would be Coach Mangino's first win over a top 10 team at home during his tenure and would signal another step in building the program. 

I think we see the ball move early and often and whatever team can capitalize on the mistakes of the others will win this game.  In the end Coach Mangino will get the better of his former colleague as his team will be better disciplined, more prepared and better tested for this game.