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Rock Chalk Talk with 2009 Kansas Recruit Tyrone Sellers

Thursday afternoon I had the opportunity to conduct a phone interview with McCook Nebraska defensive end Tyrone Sellers.  Tyrone will be a 2009 graduate and has committed his college playing days to Mark Mangino and the Kansas Jayhawks. 

 I want to say thanks to those of you who added your questions to the list and hopefully we got them answered. 

The interview went great Tyrone seems like a great kid and I expect him to fit right into the Kansas system.  He has the right attitude, desire and really seems to me like the type of person that Mark Mangino consistently describes as ideal for his program.   

I hope this is something you all will enjoy and if so we will try to continue it as a series as I do have some other contacts among the recruits for next year.  In the future I am also working on getting these in an audio format so you can actually hear some of these guys and their responses.  Tyrone was definetly a great first interview and gave some fantastic insight into his recruitment, expectations and future with the Jayhawks.

Jump into the post for the entire interview...

Tyrone Sellers Interview w/Denverjhawk…10/16/08


1.)    Talk a little about your senior year, how your team is doing and how your year is going individually?

Tyrone…My senior season is going by quick.  It’s going real well we are 7-0 and have had a great week of practice.  We’ve got a big game this week and we are looking to redeem ourselves a little bit after giving up 2 touchdowns last week on defense.  It’s funny because the starters really haven’t had a chance to play a full game this year because we’ve been winning so big lately.  My personal numbers haven’t been as good but that’s ok the team is great we prepare well, study well and work hard every week.


2.)    Who is the best player you’ve gone up against during your high school career? game, camp or otherwise?

Tyrone…I would have to go all the way back to my sophomore year and say Jared Crick he’s a defensive lineman at Nebraska now.  We played Cozad in the playoffs and he is the best offensive lineman or defensive lineman I’ve ever faced just based on sheer size and ability.


3.)    Is there anybody headed to KU or at KU that you are most excited to play with and why?

Tyrone…Kevin Young, he and I go back to sophomore camps.  We are fellow defensive ends and I’m really looking forward to being in Lawrence with him.  Kevin is more local to the area so he will be familiar with things and with us both playing defensive end even though we will be on opposite sides we’ll have the same goal.


4.)    What was the deciding factor in choosing KU, was there a particular event or player what was it?

Tyrone…It was the coaches.  You can sit down with every coach at KU and have a great conversation.  They understand high school kids and their expectations going into college.  Another big thing for me was I really see myself as a defensive end and so does Kansas.  I had other offers but some were at tight end and some were at outside linebacker but I really want to play defensive end. Nebraska thought I was too small for the spot and doesn’t think I can put on the weight but at Kansas they aren’t as worried about my size and really see my speed and athleticism as my strength.


5.)    Is there a particular player you’ve modeled your game after and how would you describe your play?

Tyrone…I watch a lot of NFL defensive ends.  I watch Dwight Freeney because he isn’t the tallest or the biggest.  With me I’m the same way I may not be the biggest but I get a good pass rush.  People are amazed at how well I can get an offensive tackle off balance and a lot of that is because of my speed and quickness.


6.)    When you get to KU what are your expectations as are as playing time?

Tyrone…That was another thing I liked about KU.  They are not against starting a freshman if they are the best player.  They think I could easily put on 25lbs by the time I get to KU and if I’m the best player than they won’t keep me off the field just because I’m a freshman.  Even if it’s not a realistic possibility it’s nice to know that they have that attitude about you even when you’re that young in the program.


7.)    Have you been following KU’s season this year?  What are your thoughts? And how do you feel about the OU game this weekend?

Tyrone…I’ve been watching them a lot.  The offense seems to be getting on a role and playing with a lot of confidence and that’s great because they’ve got a lot of big games coming up.  OU’s going to be tough but I think KU can go down there and do some damage.


8.)    Will you be getting down to Lawrence for any games this year?

Tyrone…I was at the Colorado game and I will be going down for the Texas Tech game as well.


9.)    You’re from Nebraska everyone there knows football and most are husker fans.  What is the perception of Kansas football in Nebraska and has it changed over the last few years with the Jayhawks success?

Tyrone…You know it’s changed a lot.  All my teammates grew up Nebraska fans and I grew up Nebraska fans but the direction of the KU program is getting attention.  The big 12 is a premier conference and recruits have to look at all their options now even when they come from Nebraska.  A big thing for me was that Kansas does things the way my high school does.  We may not have the biggest names but we all work hard, buy into the program and play till the final whistle.  That’s the way Kansas does it and I like that.


10.)   A few quick hitters to wrap up

Q.  Favorite NFL Team?

A.  Tennessee Titans

Q.  Favorite NFL Player?               

A.  Julius Peppers

Q.  Other Than football what are you looking forward to most about KU?

A.  I love the atmosphere in Lawrence and also I’m looking forward to meeting new people.

Q.  If you had to pick a position other than DE what would it be?      

A.  Outside LB

Q.  Big 12 Team you are looking forward to playing against the most?

A.  Nebraska

Q.  OU KU what’s your score prediction?

A.  I’ve got to go with KU on this one 24-17.