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Questions for an Inteview w/Tyrone Sellers

Rock Chalk Talk readers...I want your help on something...

I'm working on an interview with 2009 Kansas Football Commit Tyrone Sellers.  For those of you who aren't familiar Tyrone Sellers is a 2009 commit out of McCook Nebraska and a very exciting, athletic prospect at the defensive end slot for the Jayhawks in the future.  

I'm not exactly sure on the date that I will be conducting this one but hopefully I can extend this to a series with few more future Jayhawks.  What I want to know from you all is...what do you want to know??  Are there any questions you all would like answered?  Things your curious about? 

Post your thoughts and questions in the comment section and I will compile them and try to get some of these answered in the interview.  Thanks for everyone's feedback and I'll keep you posted on the interview and any others in the near future as I learn more.