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Open Game Thread : Game #15 : Loyola (MD) (6-8) @ #3 Kansas (14-0)

The final non-conference game just might be the easiest, as the struggling 6-8 Loyola of Maryland Greyhounds.

It figures to be an uneventful affair, involving multiple scoring droughts by the Busses and a couple of soon-to-be-patented Kansas Jayhawk runs. They have an RPI of 230, a Pomeroy rating of 248. Their offense is slightly better than their defense, with the O ranked 187th (in Division 1) compared to the 227th of their D.

I will be flipping back and forth between our blowout-to-be-five-minutes-after-tipoff and other action, and will probably drop in at least once or twice.

My Prediction: Kansas 92 Busses 66

Later on tonight, we officially say good-bye to Aqib Talib, and I preview what is going down the rest of the week, starting tomorrow.