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Kansas at Kansas State Preview : Part 3 : Traditional Statistics Breakdown

All statistics in this chart were received from the dandy 'Compare' feature over at Stat Sheet. For this particular breakdown, comparing Kansas and Kansas State, click here.

This will be broken up in several sections. First, we will handle the respective resumes and see where the Powercats have been so far this basketball season. Next up, we will take down scoring, both offensive and defensive. And finally, we will talk about all the other stats, your steals, assists, rebounds, etc.

Team Record AP Rank RPI KenPom
Best Win Strength of
Home Road/Neutral Blowout Record
Close Record
(6 or less)
20-0 2 3 1 @ KP#24 by 4 35 15-0 5-0 15-0 3-0
14-4 22 39 11 vs. KP#21 by 21 41 10-1 4-3 7-1 2-1

Simply put, Kansas State needs a signature win. As Texas A&M continues to slide down the KenPom and RPI ratings, that win will lose much of its shine. A road win in Norman was a big victory, but it doesn't hold enough weight by itself to warrant a NCAA bid. Don't get me wrong, I think the Powercats work themselves into the Field of 65, but a win Wednesday night would all-but-clinch-it. The SOS' are very similar, with Kansas' holding slightly more weight. A little fun-fact, Kansas State is 2-0 in true road games so far this season (both conference contests; one in Norman and one in Boulder), but 2-3 on neutral floors. Although, one of those "neutral" floors was against Xavier in Cincinnati, so that basically served as a road game. This was just used as something fun to talk about, we begin actually learning with the next table.

Team Points Per Game Field Goal
Free Throw
Three Point
Field Goal
Per Game
Per Game
Per Game
Per Game
Per Game
83.4 (10th) 51.6 (2nd) 65.5 (270th) 39.7 (28th) 42.2 (40th) 12.1 (133rd) 19.9 (1st) 10.7 (3rd) 6.5 (8th)
80.6 (23rd) 44.9 (144th) 67.7 (195th) 32.1 (274th) 46.4 (4th) 16.7 (2nd) 17.2 (20th) 8.4 (58th) 4.1 (80th)

Just simply based off of these, patsy-influenced statistics, here is what I can tell.

* Both teams can score, but they do it in different ways. Kansas does it just by making shots, especially from beyond the three-point line. Kansas State's FG percentage is pretty horrible, and their three-point FG % is much, much worse, but they are incredible on the boards. They get their points by throwing up more shots than the opposition, virtue of their offensive rebounding. They are second in the entire country at picking up balls on their side of the court, and that is why they are scoring as well as other, better-shooting teams. Kansas is much better in the last three categories on the table, dominating the Powercats in assists, steals and blocks.

More on the game later, with more advanced, more revealing statistics. Then, finally, we will take a look at the Matchups in the game, if I have time, before we are finally prepared to watch the Sunflower Showdown tomorrow night.