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Kansas at Kansas State Preview: Part 1 : YouTube

I will spend all day today, after not getting to anything yesterday, previewing the bigger-than-big game tomorrow in Manhattan. But for right now, just enjoy the wonderfully insightful analysis of one K-State fan, Shawn Winters.

I really should quit, he is so good...

(Hat Tip: Kansas Football - Its Business Time)

We have no chance, honestly. I mean, Sasha Kaun air-balled one free throw last year, so he obviously can't defend Beasley. Obviously. And, who could forget how overrated Brandon Rush, Darrell Arthur and Mario Chalmers are? Or, should I say Brandon Jackson? And our point guard has a baby-face.

Honestly, we really shouldn't even play the game tomorrow. The game is all about matchups, and apparently the matchup Bill Self is most worried about is Clent Stewart. We are going to guard Clent with Sherron, Russell, Mario and (maybe) Brandon. KILLER STRATEGERY!