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Kansas @ Kansas State Previewing Begins With a Not So Statistical Analysis

On October 6th, the day that Kansas beat Kansas State 30-24 in Bill Snyder Family Stadium, the Kansas State football season basically ended. A season once filled with such promise, mostly encouraged by a narrow loss at Auburn and a 20 point victory over then-Top-10 Texas in Austin, quickly deteriorated into a major disappointment, a bowl-less, losing, 5-7 season for Ron Prince and Company. And with each fateful loss, the Powercat faithful could look ahead to one thing, and one thing only. Basketball season.

But, much more importantly than just basketball season, was January 30th. Because this will be the year, after 24 years, that Kansas State will beat Kansas at home. Not on the road, not in Allen Field House. Nah, they have won there a handful of times over the 24 year streak. No, the Powercats have trouble beating the Jayhawks at home, unable to beat a single Roy Williams team in Manhattan.

But this is finally the year. And with each loss by the football team, they continued to yearn for basketball season, where Michael Beasley and Bill Walker, quite possibly the two most talented players ever to play for the Powercats, would provide hope. Hope for an NCAA Tournament appearance, hope even for an outside shot at the Conference title, and even hope for a legitimate chance at the Sweet 16. But most importantly, Beasley and Walker gave the Powercat faithful reason to believe that this would finally be the year. This will be the year Kansas State beats Kansas.

And even though the Powercats stumbled here-and-there in the non-conference, they had their eyes on the prize. A home win over Kansas on January 30th. And wouldn't you know it, the best team Kansas State has had in forever will be matched up against the #2, 20-0 Kansas Jayahwks. The best team Kansas has had in six years, and quite possibly the best ever. Of all time.

So, good luck Powercats. You guys are really good this year. We all know that this is your Super Bowl, that this is the most important game of the year. Just last year, 'Blackout at Bramlage' proved just how badly you guys want to win.

And so, in what might be a historic occurrence, there is more pressure on the 14-4 team at home than the undefeated, 20-0 team.

Actually substantial statistical analysis coming tomorrow. I just wanted to set up the background for the greatest Sunflower Showdown of the 21st Century.