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Bill Young is Officially Gone, So What Now?

The best sign of an up-and-coming program is for assistants to receive opportunities to move up in the world, and no despite the lack of recent success at Miami, it is certainly there. With all of the resources at the Hurricanes' disposal, namely the brimming talent in Miami and in the entire state of Florida. Plus, his yearly salary is certainly on the incline, and was no doubt a big factor in his decision.

However, given all of that, I think there is something else at play here, something that, ironically, Kansas can't provide that Miami can. Bill Young likes reclamation projects. His favorite part of the job, and I guess this is just interpretation of this article and namely this quote:

"It's a new challenge," Young told the Journal-World. "Sometimes as a coach, you need that."

I have played NCAA College Football 2006 for hours at a time, but I don't just automatically select Kansas and move on with my life. No, I will instead find the absolute worst team from top-to-bottom (San Jose State in 2006, Florida International in 2008 in case you were interested) and try and lead them to a National Championship. Something, apparently just like Bill Young, makes me enjoy taking a team struggling to the top more than taking a team near the top to on the top.

And that, right there, is another example that this program really is moving on up. When defensive coordinators, really good ones at that, are leaving Kansas for the University of Miami, a school good enough to be simply known as 'The U', because he wants to take a lower-tier team back to the top. He already accomplished this with Kansas, as we are nearing the summit of the mountain, and is now ready to move on to yet another reclamation project.

Going back to his replacement, it will almost certainly be last year's co-defensive coordinator, Clint Bowen. Bowen is a Kansas-lifer and is more than qualified to have the position, although I wouldn't necessarily be surprised to see us bring in someone who has been a DC before to co-defensively coordinate just like the past couple of years with Billy Young and Bowen.

I know I have promised this for awhile, but I am going to really try and actually breakdown the Top 4 basketball teams in the country tomorrow, as well as breaking down the Missouri Tigers.