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Kansas 17 Opponents 0

17 games into a 31 game regular season schedule, the Kansas Jayhawks have yet to lose a game. Monday night was just the most recent chapter in a season-long book of domination by the Jayhawks, a chapter that was all too easy to close out.

Boomer Sooner is a really good, solid basketball team, a team that beat Arkansas, Gonzaga and West Virginia in consecutive games. And I realize that they are a very different team without their star, Blake Griffin, who went down with a left knee injury 5 minutes into the game. But even then, when Boomer Sooner had a complete roster and Blake Griffin was healthy and on the floor, it was already 11-2 after only those 5 minutes.

The second half was already becoming a necessity, the game on pace to be well over by the time halftime hit. And we did it just as we have beaten down opponents all season, there was no one Jayhawk to key on, no hot go-to-guy that drew attention on every trip down the court. Darnell Jackson had 17, Brandon Rush had 16, Darrell Arthur had 14 and Mario Chalmers had 13.

We may not have a superstar, All-American type that everyone in the country knows is one of the best players  in the country. But our team as a whole, namely our 7/9 man rotation, is the deepest in the country, Connor Teahan is scoring at an incredible pace and only sees time in garbage duty.

More to come tomorrow on how we matchup with the other, clear-cut elite teams in 2008 (North Carolina, Memphis and UCLA), but for now just soak in the 17-0 start for the Kansas Jayhawks.

Perfect so far...