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Is Bill Young Heading to Miami?

Bad news tonight for our football team, as defensive coordinator Bill Young is reportedly leaving his job at Kansas to take the Defensive Coordinator job at Miami (FL). Much of our defensive success can be attributed to the schemes and coaches, as our good-but-not-great talent certainly over-achieved all season long, especially in the Orange Bowl.

However, that "reportedly" word is the key one, as CSTV continues to be the only outlet reporting Young's departure. The Lawrence Journal World even has a quote from Bill Young himself denying the report, claiming that "I haven't accepted a job anywhere."

These departures are by-products of success, an inevitability following a BCS victory and a 12 win season. We first experienced it with Tim Beck leaving for Nebraska and two players (Aqib Talib and Anthony Collins) leaving for the NFL, but this would be the biggest loss yet. I understand that gameplans are complicated things, and one person is just part of the puzzle, but Bill Young was quite a big piece. The biggest piece.

However, with all of that negativity, it isn't all bad. The replacement is most likely already on staff in Clint Bowen. Bowen is already the co-defensive coordinator in title, and is in his 6th year as a Kansas coach, meaning he has been with Mangino every year in Lawrence.

Hopefully Bill Young chooses us over Miami (FL), turning them down and instead staying at home h ere in Lawrence. But if he does leave, it can't be all unexpected, and at least we have a backup plan in Clint Bowen.