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Open Game Thread : Game #16 : #3 Kansas (15-0) @ Nebraska (11-2)

This is a much bigger game for the Cornhuskers than us. A win by Nebraska legitimizes their chances of an NCAA dream, picking up a signature win anyone in the country would love to have. A win by Kansas is just same old-same old, an expected win that has been penned as a 'W' for months.

In any case, I am officially scared of Nebraska. They are a good team, a team more than capable of giving us a quality scare. Like previously mentioned, they have the #1 defense in the country before adjusting for schedule strength and everything. Their offense is good enough to be balanced, and their only real weakness is giving up open three-pointers. According to Ken Pomeroy's Game Plan for Nebraska, they lose when their offense struggles. Their defense has remained fairly consistent in all 13 games, but their offense was severely worse (90 and 83.3% efficiency in the two losses) as opposed to their total average of 110.8.

With all of that being said, here is the key to the game...

Key to the Game

Make Open Three-Pointers --> The weakness of the Nebraska Cornhuskers is their defense against 3-pointers. They can defend anything inside the arc fine, they are #1 in the country at that, but they are more than susceptible with the long-rangers. With that being said, when we get an open 3, drill it. Odds are we will get more than our fair share of open three-pointers, and if we can make a solid percentage the game might not even be close. Of course, an inability to make these shots would severely slow down our offense, possibly slowing it down to a halt and allowing the Cornhuskers to slip past us in a tight, defensive matchup.
Who: #3 Kansas 15-0 (0-0) @ Nebraska 11-2 (0-0)
When: 8:00 PM Central
Where: Bob Devaney Sports Center (Lincoln, Nebraska)