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Severe Beating Number 2: KU 62 SELA 0

Wow. I know that it's hard to really base anything off of pasting a 1-AA FCS opponent, but we sure did look impressive tonight. Especially our defense, forcing 2 safeties, and we had another special teams TD. This time, it was Marcus Henry who also was a major player in the passing game. Another good game for Reesing, although not quite as good as last week (I am obviously nit-picking at this point) and our running game looked impressive (5.7 yards a carry). But what most stands out to me is our rushing defense, allowing -1.1 yards a rush. So, just to clarify, whenever SELA ran the ball, on average, they would lose yards. LOSE YARDS. I don't care if we are playing high schoolers, that is very impressive and something I hope we will build on throughout the season. When you can stop the run, you can beat a lot of really good teams...

Ummm, yeah. This is how the game went, SELA making mistakes and us capitalizing. And to think, the game was tied before this slip...

Full recap coming tomorrow. I love winning big, hopefully we can do it again next week against Toledo. ROCK CHALK!

UPDATE: All grammar mistakes fixed. Sorry for the poor display of english, I was watching other football at the time and obviously should have paid more attention to the post. My apologies.