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What They Are Saying: Pre-Game Game #2

Sorry for my lack of preview. I will include some game previews in this game segment, so you can get your fill elsewhere. Sorry, again.

Over at the KC Star, they have a standard game preview up. They make the interesting point that Southeastern Louisiana has only played football since 2003, continuing to put pressure on the 'Hawks to obiterate them through the public eye. After last week's amazing performance against a better team in Central Michigan, the team will be expected to win by even more this week, something easier said than done. No matter how new or worse athletically the other team is, it still is football and anything can happen. I'm not too concerned about the final outcome, but I wouldn't be surprised for the game to be semi-close, especially in the first half, which might cause some uproar.  

Then, over at the Jayhawk-epicenter on the internet, KU Sports, Ryan Woods has his final pregame tidbits and such. Woods is always a good read/listen, and as always he provides some interestin' information. Among the other KU Sports gameday-related articles: SELA expects a 'challenge'...Brandon McAnderson is 'right at home'...Jake Sharp (an RCT favorite) is 'up to speed'; hopefully he sees the ball more tonight...And finally, the main course, Ryan Woods' take on the 'Anatomy of a Big Hit'; tremendous read.

Hawk Digest, the football-centered Jayhawk blog, has a couple of preview posts up. First up, a link fest similar to what I am doing, although without so many of them. I have to win at something...He also has come up with a preview of his own, bringing up some interesting notes:

The Key
KU can win even if they come out with a lack of focus, but it sure would be nice to see them retain the killer instinct they had last weekend. I'd like to see the pass rush make some noise early on. A little more aggresiveness for the overall "D" would be a good indicator as well. Both lines should be dominant for the 'Hawks today and it's difficult to identify an advantage that SE Louisiana might have -- other than overconfidence by the Jayhawk Nation.

Via Phog Blog, we get a hilarious promo video for Kansas State. I know, I know, it isn't a pregame video but get over it, it is well worth it. Click here for the vid...

That's it, I will get a quickie 'Keys to the Game' preview-type post up fairly soon, then we will get the Open Thread up.