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Kansas: Top 25 Team?

According to the most recent AP poll, in the "Also Receiving Votes" section, a name that does not often appear, does. Yes, in the little tiny font, in the part that most fans simply ignore, the swarm of wannabe teams that only dream of actually entering the Top 25, is the name 'Kansas'. One single, solitary writer decided that the Kansas Jayhawks, they of the 52-7 spanking of Central Michigan over the weekend, were worthy of the #25 ranking.

This is a key moment in gaining respect from a national perspective, and even if that vote came from a local writer (does anyone know if Tom Keegan has a vote?) it is still significant. Now, I think that it is a tad bit premature before we are seriously among the Top 25 teams in the country, but with our easy schedule a 7-0 start isn't out of reach, and I would have to imagine we would garner consideration if we start out that hot. But I am jumping ahead of myself, right now we should only be concerned with SELA. And not showboating in the end zone.