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What They're Saying: Post-Game Edition; Week #1

Usually this will be done on Sunday, but I was busy yesterday, so let's just pretend that it is Sunday. Doesn't it feel like it is Sunday anyways?

--> Over at KU Sports, the hotbed of Kansas football activity (at least before basketball season starts), there are articles abound about (alliteration) the game. Namely, Ryan Woods' game recap and the overall recap are over there, the two best reads on the demolition of the Chips. Tom Keegan also tried to shine some of his football knowledge on us, his likely-more-knowledgable readers, with a couple of articles, in one of them claiming that Reesing is a legitimate contender for the Heisman. Ummmm, what? I love the way Reesing played on Saturday, but he is just a week or two removed from a QB competition for a team that didn't even make a bowl game last season, and now he is a Heisman contender? Unless we lose a game or less, and Reesing puts up remarkable numbers, Reesing isn't even considered for the trophy, much less invited to New York. And his chances at winning? .00002%. Or about as likely as the Royals making the playoffs.

--> The only Kansas football-exsclusive blog out there, Hawk Digest, has a couple of articles regarding Saturday's game up. Some interesting game notes have a post all to themselves, with the actual game recap in another post. Both are short-but-sweet reads, and just the fact that he was among the 45,000+ at Memorial Stadium makes him more qualified than I am to recap the game. As previously mentioned, I had to rely on Bob Davis to convey the situation to me. For serious.

--> The king of all college football bloggers, Sunday Morning Quarterback, was right about numerous things this weekend. One he missed on however, was the CMU-KU game. Here is what he had to say on Friday:

The Pick: Despite employing the alliteratively-named Aqib Talib, widely regarded as one of the two or three best corners in the country, Kansas allowed more yards through the air than any other team in I-A in 2006, including 377 to UL-Monroe in an eventual two-point win, 240 to ground-based Texas A&M, 411 to Oklahoma State, 394 to Baylor and 356 to Missouri. Central Michigan has the best young quarterback in the MAC, at least, and maybe a burgeoning national player in Dan LeFevour, who had 26 touchdowns and more than 500 yards rushing as a redshirt freshman while leading huge scares against BCS bowl teams Boston College and Kentucky, both defensive losses. Kansas loses its offensive engine in all-time rushing leader Jon Cornish and finds itself unable to keep pace with CMU's barrage.

And after:

SMQ was wrong about: Uh, right, that whole thing about Central Michigan upsetting Kansas...

SMQ is a terrifically bright individual and has plenty of stuff worth reading regarding this past weekend's action, but I felt the need to call him out. Hopefully Kansas earned themselves some respect with how badly we beatdown Central Michigan, respect is something the KU football program hasn't had much of in recent years.

--> Lastly, let's take a look at the KC Star. Just as everyone else is trying to do, they made a connection between Kansas and the App State-Michigan matchup. We are playing a 1-AA (sorry, FCS) team next, although instead of the two-time defending National Champion, SELA was 2-9 last year by contrast. Looking more at the CMU game, Ryan Young's "key plays" is an interesting read, along with the more traditional game recap.

That is all of the media-buzz surrounding the KU-CMU blowup, hopefully a performance that will be oft-repeated by the Jayhawks throughout the year. Big 12 preview and revised Top 25 will be done tomorrow, and we will begin to look forward to next week starting Wednesday.